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OCTOBER 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th - 11am

The Descanso Monster Tour

Descanso Gardens has invited the Ensemble Back for a Halloween show!

Go on a tour of Descanso's famous gardens to meet the native monsters who live there. With an original script by the Ensemble, and featuring the cast from the Ensemble favorite The Big Bad Wolf, this FREE SHOW (with admission to the park) runs about 45 minutes, and is appropriate and ridiculous for all ages.

For more info, check out the calendar at and look for Slightly Spooky Stories.



Queen Margaret, the “Rose Queen”, is one of Shakespeare’s most incredible characters that you’ve likely never heard of.


Queen Margaret was one of Shakespeare’s favorite characters, and after seeing Shakespeare’s Rose Queen, she will be one of yours. Shakespeare’s Rose Queen takes Margaret’s story out of the plays she’s in (Henry VI parts 1-3 and Richard III), and creates an entirely new Shakespeare play that focuses on the history from Margaret’s point of view. Margaret is thrust into a male-dominated world of royal backstabbing and strategy only to become the most powerful person in England through her cunning and charm. Her reign as Queen in the War of the Roses doesn’t last forever, though, as the deceitful men she commands eventually show their true colors, leaving Margaret abandoned.


The Ensemble Shakespeare Theater brings this vivid story of a complicated female character to life through an intimate theater setting, featuring dance, music, and Shakespeare’s original language. The Ensemble’s style isn’t the stuffy recitation you might be used to; Rose Queen is a gritty, dangerous story told with an infectious enthusiasm by contemporary actors. The Ensemble is known for risky and original choices in adaptation, creative minimalistic staging, and constant evolution--no two audiences experience the same show.

Tickets: $18 online presale, $22 at the door, $14 student/senior.
Mature audiences suggested (13+).


CLICK HERE to read the REVIEW of the EST's most recent show, NIGHT OF TERROR!



The Ensemble Shakespeare Theater (formerly the California Shakespeare Ensemble) started as a side project for a group of working actors in LA who were looking for ways to scratch their Shakespeare itch between TV and film gigs. Descanso Gardens began commissioning works from the group in 2012, and in three years the group has expanded to create shows at their new home in Pasadena at the Lineage Performing Arts Center. The group has also taken to touring, and even brought a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year (to rave reviews!).

Shakespeare's Rose Queen is made possible in part by the City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.

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