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What You Will Presents:

A Latesummer Night's Show

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Every second Thursday of the month at the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena


When was the last time you went to a Shakespeare show and didn’t know what to expect? Or were genuinely surprised by the ending? Or came out seeing life from a new perspective? After a sold out run at Descanso Gardens, What You Will is coming to The Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena to bring you a totally new and surprising experience of Shakespeare.


In turns funny, inspiring, heartbreaking, satirical, profound, silly, literal, figurative, and above all honest, What You Will is a passionate and moving dose of humanity through Shakespeare.

This Shakespearean “un-play” is the result of some of the Ensemble’s favorite professional actors, writers, and improvisors creating a dozen or more 5-minute mini-plays through the lens of their individual backgrounds, responding to and recontextualizing Shakespeare’s stories and words. 


Best of all, this cast of professional theater makers creates a new show every three months! This quarter's show is called "A Latesummer Night's Show"*, and will run August and October. Come back every few months for an entirely new show and new experiences!


*yes, this is a Shakespeare reference.


“Both hilarious and beautifully poignant...don’t miss it!”

-South Pasadenan

“A totally fresh take on Shakespeare”

-Pasadena Now


The site is ADA compliant, with paved access and no stairs. Sign language interpretation can be provided by emailing

Questions about the show? Email


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